Satin Lining Surgical Scrub Hats

4 Reasons Wearing a Scrub Hat  with Satin Inside

The 4 most important reasons wearing a satin lining surgical scrub cap is :              
  • 1.Helps eliminate split ends
  • 2.Retains moisture    
  • 3.Prevents breakage    
  • 4.Prevents frizzy hair

Wearing a scrub hat as a nurse in your shift for many hours can cause  dehydration in your hair, especially if your hair is thin and curly.Satin is highly known for its hair protecting powers! Having your scrub hat lining inside with satin keeps your hair moisturized and protects it from causing breakage due to friction and rubbing.


"If you try once to wear such a hat in your shift, it is most likely that it will become your permanent choice."

Thats my customers says 

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