XXL Satin scrunchies
XXL Satin scrunchies
XXL Satin scrunchies
XXL Satin scrunchies
XXL Satin scrunchies
XXL Satin scrunchies

XXL Satin scrunchies

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IT S O F F I C I A L ! ! The Scrunchie is back! Our super soft and super cute Silk Scrunchies are not just a stylish accessory for your hair. They also makes sure your mane stays healthy and damage free!

Are you ready to wake up with super soft, hydrated and kink free hair? Silk's smooth texture has been found to improve the quality of hair. It prevents frizziness and reduces thinning, without forming split ends and is known to keep your locks in optimal form by protecting the hair from breakage as it causes less friction and tension than other materials. 👌

Our beautiful, handcrafted scrunchies also help control tangling and leave your hair feeling super soft! 🦄 Therefore serving as the perfect accessory for all hair types but especially for hair that is dry and prone to breakage.

Unlike elastic hair ties, Silk Scrunchies can be worn all day long! Elastic hair ties can cause a lot of tension on the hair which can lead to splits and breakage down the hair shaft in the long run.

Our Silk Scrunchies are the perfect alternative to keeping your hair tidy and away, day and night, while still looking shiny, fresh and drop dead gorgeous! Invest in your hair, it's the crown you never take off! 👑

🌈 C H O O S E Y O U R O W N
C O L O U R S!! 🌈

To choose your own colours:
1. Select the quantity
2. In the personalisation box write the colours you would like to order ❤️

x1 Beige x1 Pink
x3 Beige ,x3Pink

S I Z I N G 📏

Each scrunchie measures approximately 9cm in width and 12cm in length the elastic. Please note that as items are handmade there can be slight discrepancies in size of up to 1cm ❤️

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