We will always first and foremost be a family business. With my husband helping me with the sewing and shipping there’s an incredible amount of love that goes into creating each and every scrub hat.


Hey you! It’s Theodora here. I’m the name & face behind the Everyday Heroes-Store brand :)

 I’m hailing from a small city, Thessaloniki, in Greece and living an exciting life surrounded by my supporting husband and two lovely, active kids.

EverydayHeroes-Store is a scrub hats brand. But it’s more than just a brand– it’s a small family creative business keeps us busy in order to be financially independent but at the same time we raise our children as our creative studio is a space of ​​our home.

The idea of starting Everyday Heroes-Store came to me when I gave birth to my first baby. Nurses and doctors in the clinic seemed like heroes to me!

Desiring therefore to put together a gift for them, I used my sewing professional skills. -You see my studies were in fashion designing and pattern making-. So, I made for them funny scrub caps with happy cotton prints to brighten their days

EverydayHeroes-Store was born as a way of working at home and be with my kids at the same time.

I truly believe that if you’re consistent in your passion and putting inthe work, there’s nothing that you can’t achieve. 

My  goal is to make  nurses and doctors happy wearing  colorful  funny prints  in their scrub  caps  and make their  hard work  enjoyable and  fun.

If  you  are one of those  heroes around the world  I  will be happy to send you scrub hats from my store.

We’re all born to be Everyday Heroes! So don’t be afraid to live it! 

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